03 October 2008

Bodybugg Day 1

I'm sorry if I become annoying with this thing. After a couple of days the novelty will wear off and I'll just be my regular annoying self :)

So yesterday I wore the bugg all day and logged all my food. I should state upfront that it was not a normal day. My eating was terrible and sporadic.

This is the information you get. How cool is that??? It shows how many calories I burned, how many I consumed and the deficit/surplus. As you can see yesterday was a surplus. I love the little graph at the bottom. That actually tells me how many calories I burn per minute doing things. Also, most of those little spikes you see in the graph are when I was eating something. Except for that big spike early in the morning, that was when I was exercising. Anyway, it's all pretty cool. So yesterday I had a 435 calorie surplus. I'm hoping to change that today although I did not workout this morning. Yesterday and today are kind of intentional. I want to see what a typical day is like for me. While yesterday wasn't exactly typical, it happens more often then I would like it to.

Wearing it all day is a little annoying. You have this thing on your arm that gets sweaty and itchy. I'm sure I'll get used to it. Hubby asked me yesterday how many ipods I have now. He, and everyone else, seems to think it's some sort of iPod even though there are no earphones. Oh well, that's okay.

Alright, school this morning, have to run....

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Irene said...

You are never annoying. :) I'm really intrigued with the Body Bugg. That's funny how everyone seems to think it's an iPod. :)

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