06 October 2008

Day 5 of the Bodybugg

I've been wearing the Bodybugg for all my waking hours for 5 days now. I like it. I like tracking my calories burned and eaten and trying to get them in the right balance. It makes doing anything more fun. I try to burn extra calories while I'm doing anything. If I'm walking, I walk faster. If I'm standing, I bounce back and forth on my feet. I try to keep moving to keep burning. It makes it a game.

There are a couple of problems with it. The velcro band can rub on your arm. I got a blister there and have to be careful that I put the band in a different place each day. I got used to it pretty quick though. Most times I forget it's there.

Next week I get a phone call with a personal trainer to help me get the most out of my Bodybugg. It comes with the bugg. They do it about 2 weeks in so you've had a chance to use it for awhile and you've have some data for them to evaluate. It seems like a good idea. But the bottom line is I like it, it's pretty painless (except for my blister) and I think it will be a real plus in my weight loss journey. So it's all good.

On another note. I also order an electrical impedance body fat monitor. I have calipers but am pretty sure I'm not using them right. So I got it working and did a body fat reading. It is so not good. It was worse than I thought. I'm seriously depressed over all this. But that's okay, I'll be bummed for a little bit and then it will get me fired up to change things. So, really it's a good thing. I also need to play a little and find the best time to take the measurement. I'll try again in the morning and see what it says.

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Anonymous said...

I think Wii fit is an excellent device for reducing extra pounds. It's great that you're working so very hard to have a good fitness.

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