19 October 2008

A good first day

I ended the day at around 1675 cals eaten and around 2200 burned. Not quite my goals but closer then I've been these past 2 weeks. I'm happy and more importantly I feel good.

In other news, I've been playing with my new camera. I am going to love this camera, I can tell. I had an SLR camera for years but I didn't get into that much because of the cost of developing film. With digital I can click away and then look at how they came out. If I don't like them I can just delete them. This totally rocks.

So I was playing with the macro today. That is what I really like to look at and take pictures of. I love photos of flowers and animals and such. Anyway, here's a couple of what I did today:
This is my favorite plumeria (frangapani). I just love this flower.


I love this picture looking into the plant. I love how the leaves in front are blurred and the center is so clear. You'll probably get very sick of hearing me talk about my pictures. Sorry!!!

This came out really good. This is a little weed that's growing in our overgrown garden. I liked the flower and thought it was interesting looking. I like the picture, a lot.

That's all for tonight. I have a few more posts to write then it's off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

I started reading your post but as I scrolled down I was distracted by the photograph of the lovely pink flower. Honestly that is very beautiful.

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