26 October 2008

One day at a time...

Well, after my post yesterday I just went with the flow. I didn't try to do anything crazy or drastic, just my normal routine. I ended the day burning ~2100 cals and consuming ~1150. I did not consume this little on purpose. My stomach and gut were so messed up from the run in with the donuts on Friday that I couldn't eat. If I ever needed confirmation that wheat and wheat gluten don't agree with me, I got it yesterday. I could literally feel the donuts moving through my intestines as this huge blob (haha, I almost wrote blog here). I knew my body wasn't digesting them properly, I could just feel it. Let's say this morning I'm not moving far from the bathroom. Anyway, so I really couldn't eat that much yesterday. I did eat good stuff though, salad, lean protein, veggies. For dinner we had ostrich burgers - god I love having a Whole Foods here !!!! Bottom line - things are much better this morning and I'm feeling pretty darn good.

Now, I wrote about this on Flo's Place but it is of such monumental importance I decided to write here too. At the end of August I went to Sears and got new glasses. I've been wearing bifocals for a couple of years but still take my glasses off to read. Since the frames that I really liked were too small for bifocal, I decided to go with just distance since I take my glasses off to read anyway. Yeah, that didn't work. I found myself taking my glasses off in all kinds of places and circumstances that just wasn't right. In the grocery store. Talking to the kids when I'm in class. I also found myself trying to walk out without my glasses on because I took them off and laid them down. But, by far, the worst problem was the computer. I could not see the computer. With my glasses on I had to sit too far back. Without my glasses I had to get close and my back hurt from bending over my desk. After trying for about 6 weeks I gave up and went back last week to get some bifocals. I got them yesterday and how amazing they are. I can see the computer from wherever I sit. I can see my laptop plain as day. These are so good either, my prescription changed a little or my last bifocals were junk. I had a hard time watching TV with my last pair of bifocals. With these, no problem at all. I also noticed that my eyes were getting very tired and achy by the end of the day. Not yesterday, and I did a lot of computer work. So 2 thumbs up on the new glasses :) Plus they are rose colored!!

I had toyed with the idea of going for a run this morning, but it rained all day yesterday and appears to be doing the same thing today. So I guess it will be some ab work and hit the elliptical for an hour or so. Then it's house cleaning and school work. If it rains all day it will be the perfect day to curl up with my schoolwork.

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