Pink is the new black

I've been a pink freak for 30 years. I have many, many things in pink. Clothes, bags, flash drive, camera, etc. If they make it in pink I will find them. For the longest time pink wasn't easy to find. When I found something, even clothes, in pink I was very excited. Well, that all changed yesterday. I went to Sports Authority, Old Navy, and Steve & Barry's and everything was in pink. I mean everything. There was so much pink to choose from it was amazing. I got a cool pink Under Armour running top. I got a beautiful pink Adidas workout top. Great, great stuff. I went to Old Navy and tried to find some different things, but everything I found was in pink. By the time I got to Steve & Barry's I was looking for things that weren't pink and they were hard to find. It was truly amazing. I know it's October and all things pink are popping up for breast cancer support. But this was way beyond that. I may have to change my favorite color if this continues.....


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