17 October 2008

Well, I just feel like crap!!!

There is going to be way too much information ahead so if you're squeamish look away. Okay, you've been warned..

I haven't had a period in 2 months, then the other day it starts and it honestly feels like someone is ripping out my insides. This is really horrible!!! I am in such pain I hardly slept last night. A few years back a doctor told me that I could take ibuprofen and it would actually cut production of the hormone that causes your period. Well, I've been taking the stuff like candy and it ain't stopping. I guess I'm having 2 months worth. It's killing me. Then, after a fitful sleep last night, I wake up with no voice. WTF????? My head is a little stuffy and I've got some post nasal drip happening. I'm not sure what's going on but I decided a hibernation day is in order. I have emailed my mentor teacher and my work and told them I'm dying. I'm going to curl up with some tea and a book and rest all day.

I'm also going to do some reading and some planning for next week. I now have tons of data from my Bodybugg and it's just a matter of putting it all together and coming up with a plan that works. Now that my emotional roller coaster with Nala is over, things should get back on an even - boring - keel. I'm going to plan my food for next week and plan my workouts too. It will all be good. Right now though, it literally hurts to sit here so I'm off to go lay down for a while.

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Scribalist said...

Well, I don't know you and never been here before, but I was feeling sorry for myself and I put "I feel like crap" into Google and here I am. I think I can help, and maybe that'll get me off the pity pot.

I'm 54, and honey, it sounds to me like you've embarked on menopause. I went without a period for nine months once--hooray, I thought, I'm done with that! Then we spent a week with my sister who was menstruating at the time, and I started back a vengeance, just awful, worst pain etc etc I could ever recall. I totally blame her--but I suppose I'll have to forgive her someday --grin!

So, get thee to a gynecologist and chat about hormone options. I toughed it out, because I was afraid of HRT, but I hear things are better now.

Good luck to you, and thanks! for letting me chime into your personal hell.

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