23 November 2008

Home Security

For those of you that have been around for awhile you may remember that I have a convicted murderer drug dealer for a neighbor. I obviously didn't know this when I moved in and I'm only renting so I could easily move, but I'm sticking it out because the rent is cheap, there's a big yard for the dogs, and I can have all the animals I want and the owner doesn't care. Also, we are moving to Colorado in the not to distant future so that's another reason. In truth the murdering drug dealer was busted twice earlier this year and banished to the Big Island by his sister who owns the house. FYI, this guy is 60 - nice life huh???

So for months it's been nice and quiet next door. They been working on the house because apparently druggies tear houses apart. Who knew??? Getting it all fixed up and some older people have been living there. It's been nice and quiet and peaceful. Then a couple of months ago some older kids showed up. That wasn't too bad. Then a youngish (20's-30's) male showed up. He looked like a hard case with lots of tattoos and such. Then a woman turned up with 3 little kids. Suddenly it's really noisy and busy over there. Again still not a problem as long as no drug activity is going on. Then my neighbor on the other side informs me that the youngish guy is the owner's son. He was banished to the Big Island for drugs and stealing from the neighbors!! Apparently now he's back. This I am not comfortable with. It was one thing when the guy next door was a murdering drug dealer. Now I have a thief druggie. Not good at all.

When I first moved here I wasn't worried because I had dogs, one of which is a pit bull. I wasn't worried about anyone messing with our place with the dogs here. Now the dogs are old and invalid. The pit only walks on 3 legs and has seizures, the lab has a bad spine. This does not exactly inspire confidence in them. Also, now I have birds. These birds are expensive and could be sold for money but more important, they are my pets and I don't want anything to happen to them. So I'm thinking it's time for a home security system.

Even though I rent there are systems I could use. Now there are wireless systems that can monitor the whole house. ADT has some very cool innovations. They have a Safepass touchpad, instead of punching in a code you wave a tag in front of the panel and it arms or disarms the system. That is a great idea!! You don't have to remember codes or give out your codes to anyone. If someone needs to get in your house give them a tag. Then get it back when they are done and you don't have to reprogram the code. Excellent idea.

There are wireless systems so you don't have a big installation cost with all the wiring and tapping into the electrical system. Also, if it's wireless wouldn't it work even if the power went out?? Hmmm, that's nice. ADT is a good company too. That's the security system we use at work and in 5 years we haven't had any problems.

As you may guess, I've been tossing this around for a while. I'm seriously considering it. Right now my lab still barks at everything even though he can't walk very well, at least he provides a noise deterrent. If he stops barking it will be time to get a home security system.


Irene said...

I'd go for the security system, too!

Pamela said...

I think wireless systems can significantly increase home security. I would just urge anyone considering investing in a home security system to do their research. Write your goals, talk to local police about who they recommend, and never contract with a company without a full guarantee. This should cover performance, equipment and labor, emergency service, false alarm fines and a six-month money back guarantee.

paris said...


I came across your blog thanks to Google Alerts (which I use to track industry news). I look after a company called HomeCamera (search for us on Google - you'll see the good things people have to say). The service is free, works with any webcam, and is very non-technical, so you can get started easily. In the longer term though, for your needs, I'd go with ADT... Anyway, do drop by our site (http://www.homecamera.com) and feel free to write in to me if you need help with something.

Best of luck with the neighbors.


- Varun.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered getting a another dog?

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