30 November 2008

It looks like a beautiful day

Yesterday afternoon and last night were rainy and cold, it was terrible. When I got up this morning it was a little rainy, but now it's cleared up and it looks gorgeous. I have a run on the schedule but the rain made me change my mind, now I'm thinking about it again. Of course, since it rained and now the sun is shining brightly it will be very humid. I had running in humidity. Hmmmm....what to do, what to do........Not much else on the agenda today. I got all my work finished so today is cleaning house and relaxing. Yea!!!!

On a totally different subject, I've been looking around for a small business opportunity for hubby for when we move. I'm looking for something he can do from home basically. I'll be teaching, which is incredibly portable and needed everywhere, but he's more a handyman type. I don't know that where we'll be living will have a call for that type of stuff. Oh well, I've been searching the web trying to find something that isn't a rip off.

Okay, I have to decide what I'm going to do and go do it. Tempus fugit.

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