05 November 2008

Just a tiny bit of politics…

I was just reading a blog that pissed me off and I just want to make a small comment.  The blogger said that we Republicans had to put away the hate and meanness and get on with healing the country.


I take offense to that.  First of all, there is no one on the conservative side saying the things that the Democrats did after the last 2 elections.  No one!!  There is no one screaming that Obama cheated.  That there was voter fraud.  That the election machines were rigged.  That is what the liberals did after 2000 and 2004.  They could not accept that the American people chose Bush.  And now they have to the nerve to tell us to drop the hate.  Oh Please!!!!


I am actually quite ambivalent about Obama winning.  I would hope he does great things.  I hope he puts together a crack team and they pull off amazing reforms.  But honestly, I don’t see it happening.  But I would love to be proven wrong because I’m that big a person.  I can admit when I’m wrong and I’m really hoping I am in this case.


As the babble about America coming together.  Please.  Let’s just do a little number crunching.  There are approximately 300,000,000 people in the US.  Of that number about 120,000,000 voted. That’s less than half.  Of those, approximately 64,000 voted for Obama.  Just slightly more then half.  Being a geek, when you do the math Obama was put in office by about 21% of the country.  21%..  That is not a majority no matter how you spin it or slice it or dice it. 


Even if we adjust for those who can’t legally vote, approximately 25% of the total population.  That’s 225,000,000 who are eligible to vote.  That’s still only 28% of the eligible voters voted for Obama.  That is not the majority of the country.  That is not a healing trend.  That is not a mandate.  That does not bring us more together then we were since 9/11 Oprah!! 


So you die hard Obama supporters, try to be good winners.  Try to stop gloating and acting all superior.  Try to treat us the way you claim you do.  And, yes, at this point I am disenfranchised.  I have been for about 15 years with our government.  Why do you think I’m moving to the middle of the country and buying land and guns??  You’ll find me clinging to my bible :) 


Anyway, Obama won, Congrats!!!  I hope he exceeds my expectations and makes me eat my words.  I pray that happens.  If not, I’m positive we can survive anything for 4 years.  Hell, we put up with 8 years of Bill. 


Hope for Change.  Prepare to be disappointed.

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