23 November 2008

Now that the worst is over

(see my female rant) I can get back to my life. It's amazing how much that messes with my life. I won't go into it, I'll spare you, but it's pretty miserable for 24-48 hours. Now the worst part has past and it will just be an annoyance for the next few day.

Yesterday it rained all day here. It was bad enough that there was flooding in some parts of the island. It was supposed to be rainy again today but it was just cloudy. Frankly the weather matched the way I felt so that worked out well :)

So tomorrow it's back to the workouts again. It's a short week and I am so looking forward to it. I plan on working out plenty over the 4 days. I also have to get my school work finished and I'd like to clean out my clothes. Working in the lab my clothes tended to get holes in them. Even with lab coats or whatever, all my work shirts and most shorts, have holes. I refused to spend a lot of money on these clothes since they would just end up with holes. Now that I'm doing more paperwork then lab work I can dump the stuff with the holes. If I do lab work I'll be more careful and not get holes in my new stuff. So dumping the old, holey stuff is on my agenda. That's basically it, working out, school work, and going through clothes. I'd like to get some reading done and maybe a nap or two also.

So I'm going to update my workout schedule on the side there, do a little blog reading and head off to bed. Hope everyone has a great week.

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