14 December 2008


the knee that is. I took it very easy yesterday and today the knee seems a lot better. I will take it easy again today, all I have is a Christmas party, and see how it is tomorrow morning. I must say I did get some other stuff done yesterday that I wouldn't have normally, so I guess taking a day off can be good. I had some pent up energy I had to expend.

Last night I picked up some rescue birds. Their owner passed away and the wife can't take care of them. I've got them in my house now and I need to find them homes ASAP. 9 birds is just too many. At least they are small birds and their cages are pretty small. It's not like rescuing a horse where you have tack and english saddles and western saddles. Birds are much more compact.

Well, I have to go clean bird cages and get ready for my Christmas party.

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_ said...

How's your knee doing, any better?

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