15 December 2008

A real conundrum

I've figured out what's wrong with my knee. It's my back. This happens on my right side but rarely on my left. I discovered it this morning. I got up and my back was killing me and my knee was swollen. I did some yoga stretches to try and ease the back. When I was done the back felt much better and so did the knee. The light bulb went on. As I said, this happens on my right side much more often. The nerve, I'm guessing it's the sciatic, gets irritated/inflamed and manifests in my knee. The cure is to go to my chiropractor. He wasn't open today so I will call first thing in the morning to get an appointment.

My conundrum. When my back hurts not exercising makes it worse. So by not working out I think I'm actually making this knee thing worse. Also, I'm climbing the freaking walls. I was up at 5 am with nothing to do. I'm going to workout in the morning. I'll just do what feels good. Any pain and I'll stop immediately. I'll also keep it light maybe some sweaty yoga or something along those lines.

So that's it. At least I know what's going on and how to fix it. Now, I'm off to eat dinner because I haven't eaten enough today :)

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