06 December 2008

Seriously, now I'm done....

Wow, this has been a week. The school semester finished this week and I had my last classes Tuesday and Thursday night. Yea!!! Last night the bird club put on a lecture by Dr. Pepperberg. The day began at 4 am as we got up to be on the morning news. We were on from 6-8 each 1/2 hour segment. It was awesome. Then I had a ton of running around to do to get ready for last nights lecture. By 3:30 it was off to pick up the printing and Dr. Pepperberg. We had to stop at Border's for her to autograph her books. Then it was 40 minutes in gridlock and a certainty we weren't going to make it to the venue. We finally got there, got the event started, and had a fantastic time. It was wonderful. We had a huge turnout and she gave a great talk. Not only did she give a great talk but most of the night was questions from the audience and people really liked that. It was fantastic. I finally got home last night at 10:30, had a bowl of cereal because I was starving, and hit the bed around 11. It was wonderful but I'm sure glad it's over.

Now, I can really focus on me. I have no classes, no events, no nothing until the end of January. I didn't get a specific workout yesterday but the early morning call and the running around most of the day is being counted as active. Trust me, I was way more active yesterday then I normally am. Today it's back to the program. I'm tired but I have no big plans for today. Hang around the house and do some chores. I am so glad that it's all over, now I can finally and totally relax.

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Benson said...

Hey, good times.
Have fun with your time 'off'.

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