03 December 2008

Slept in this morning

Last night was my last Tuesday night class for 8 weeks. We had a lot of fun and it took a lot out of me. When I got home last night I was hungry so I ate a small dinner. The problem with that is I can not go to bed right after I've eaten. Normally I don't eat when I come home from class but last night I was really hungry. The result is that I stayed up later then I should have and slept in later then I should have this morning. So no morning workout. When I come home tonight I will have to do something so as not to blow my 30 days 3 days in.

I'm already enjoying this new found free time. School took up a lot of my time, attending classes, doing assignments, etc. So I don't want to waste this new free time doing nothing. I have some knitting I've been working on, maybe I'll take that back up again. I did notice that all my scrapbooking stuff is out in the studio. Maybe my pictures will be my project during the break. Oh, I like that idea. I've made great progress starting to get the pictures organized, I should continue that and get the scrapbooks done that I want to. Between that and working on my photography I think I can amuse myself for 8 weeks.

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