07 December 2008

What happened to the weekend???

Wow, that flew by. I had Thursday off to get ready for my final class on Thursday night. I had Friday off because our bird club was putting on an event Friday night. Saturday I was exhausted and the day kind of passed in a blur. Today was screaming at vets and getting medication for the dogs. Now it's 6 pm and I'm not sure where the day went. Wow.

The good news is I caught up on my sleep and felt pretty darn good today. I have managed to maintain some activity every day so far and starting tomorrow I kick it into high gear. The other day I had that DOH moment over the soup I was eating and it's high salt content. The past few days I've avoided excess salt and what do you know? My weight dropped 2 lbs and I'm not feeling like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Amazing isn't it????

I've got to get a few things done before I fall into bed tonight. Tomorrow it's back to boring workouts, calories and such.

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