20 January 2009

And we're back

School started today. So I was up at 4:30, working out by 5, out of the house by 7. I was in the high school for 3.5 hours. Home for a lunch. Then it was off to grad school. I just got home from there. Monday and Tuesday are going to be long days.

The good news is I did get up and got my workout in before it all began. I kicked my own butt. My hamstrings and butt are sore from Mondays workout. Fun stuff. Tomorrow is a cardio day. I'm not sure if I'll get a run in with the sore muscles I'm having. So I was thinking of doing something I have not done in almost two years. I was going to dig out my GPS and go geocaching. I have not done that in well over two years and I think I would love to do that. It's fun because you are hiking but it's hiking with a purpose. You use your GPS to find hidden treasure. It is fun. Lots of hidden 'treasures' on the trails here. I just may do that tomorrow. It would be a lot of fun.

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_ said...

I tried my hand at geocaching a couple of times, definitely a fun activity. However, it probably would have been a bit more fun if I wasn't being attacked by swarms of mosquitoes!

Today's the day

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