03 January 2009

The best laid plans......

Well, yesterday was supposed to be my spruce myself up day. I was going to get my nails done and put makeup on and everything. Yeah..... That didn't happen. Instead we had a health crisis with Rocco. Seems he's developed pancreatitis. I spent most of the day at the vet. Hopefully we'll be able to turn it around but there is a good possibility it could kill him. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

The final piece of the puzzle I was missing was the art of balance. I have always said that I can do anything extremely well if I can focus solely on that. Well, duh!!! Who couldn't do that. The thing is life doesn't work that way. I'm not on the Biggest Loser, I don't get to think about only my weight loss for 4 months, it's just not going to happen. But what happens with me is that I will focus on eating right and exercising and that will go along really, really well but other parts of my life will fall apart. Then something will come up in another area and my eating right and exercising will fall by the wayside. What I was reading said that in order to avoid this you have to have balance and not exclusion. So instead of focusing strictly on weight loss you have to give equal time to work, finances, family, etc. So that's what I'm trying to do.

A couple of weeks back I bought the most perfect planner ever made (something I've been searching years for). It is structured unlike other planners and more like my mind works (how scary is that??). Everything is going into this planner, workouts, finances, appointments, to-do lists, etc. This will be my brain. This way I can sit for a few minutes on the weekend and focus on my workouts. I plan them for the week, knowing what my schedule will be, and write them down. That's it - done! I also go over the bills and money for the week. Write them down so I know where we stand and that's it - done. Etc, etc. In this way I'm focusing on all areas of my life but only in little chunks. This provides balance. This also frees me up to do what needs to be done everyday without worrying about it.

So.... to boil these last 3 posts down, my goals this year are to:

1) Live as if my goals were met

2) Care about how I look and dress

3) Balance all the parts of my life

I don't think these things are too hard to do. In fact, I think these things are easier then a lot of things I've tried in the past. So there your have it. My plan for the new year and the new me.

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