16 January 2009

Building strength??

I think that's what's going here. My last couple of runs have been after my strength training. My strength training is two workouts, front and back. One day I focus on the chest, shoulders, quads. The next day is back, hams, etc. Both have cardio intervals, things like jumping jacks, step ups, etc. So I do front one day, back the next day, then a cardio day. Wash, rinse, repeat. I do that for 5 days. On Saturday I generally hike or do my long run. On Sundays, either the long run or something fun. So that's my workout schedule.

On Wednesday and again today, I did my strength training and then went for my run. Both days my legs have felt like crap. Heavy, tired, weak. I did 5 miles on Wednesday and put a lot of it up to the distance. In my strength training today I felt really good. Strong. I was able to really push the workout this morning, take it to the next level. When I headed out on my run my legs felt really bad. Worse than Wednesday after my 5 miles. It finally dawned on me that I'm probably gaining a lot of strength in my legs. If I could put as much effort into my workout as I did this morning and still manage to struggle through 3 miles, I'm making progress. This weekend is 6 miles all by itself. That should really be the test as to how much strength I'm gaining in my legs. I guess we'll see.

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