24 January 2009

New Start......

John is Fit is this fabulous blog I found recently, which is good because I recently culled my reading list. I actually found him on a day he did a post about bloggers who disappear. It was rather fortuitous timing as I had just thinned the herd on my Bloglines and needed some new blogs to read. His has turned out to be one of the better ones I've found. Side note: I'm kind of funny with blogs. I will find a blog usually because another blog I liked linked to them. I will go over, read a post or two, read their about page if they have one, and if I like what I see I will add them to my Bloglines reader. Then, what tends to happen, I will read their posts for a couple of weeks and generally find they are not to my tastes. I will then remove them from my feed. Okay, John is not like that. I am finding all his posts interesting and informative. But that is not what this was supposed to be about.

John has a post today about a 40+ year old grandmother who lost 140 lbs. The timing on this post is perfect. It fits right in with my new attitude. This woman took 5 years to lose all that weight and she is in her 50's now and looks fabulous. This is a great reminder that slow and steady is the way to go. This is not a race but a lifelong journey.

I really do tend to lose sight of that fact. I'm impatient and want things to happen now. I want a job - NOW!!! I want to be a teacher - NOW!!! I want school to be over - NOW!!!! I want to move to Colorado - NOW!!!! I want to be a size 2 - NOW!!!! The theme here??? None of those things are going to happen - NOW!!!! I have to be patient. Things will happen, they will come, I just have to work the program so to speak.

Because I can't have all those things NOW, I tend to get down. I'm not going to let that happen and here's how I plan to battle it. First, I will follow a workout and eating plan. By eating right and working out daily I will feel better physically which will lead to feeling better mentally. Second, I will do something I enjoy everyday. This past week I was so focused on my problems I did not pick up my camera once. When I take my camera and start taking pictures I literally lose track of time and all my problems. It's just me and the viewfinder. So that is an absolute must. Everyday something I really enjoy, just for fun. Thirdly, I will set aside time everyday to try and make those things that I want NOW a reality. I will work towards them but I will not make them the sole focus of my entire day.

I feel lighter already. Like a huge mental weight has been lifted. I have a huge desire to go to the zoo today and take pictures of the animals there. I'm thinking I'm going to do that this afternoon. Sounds like fun doesn't it :)


Anonymous said...

Good for you on deciding to do something you enjoy daily!

Anonymous said...

You aren't alone in wanting what you want "now", we are an instant gratification nation and it does lead to frustration so your solution is a sound one, enjoy one day at a time doing things that please you and makes you happy, it will all come in time.

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