18 February 2009

Camera stuff

I love my DSLR!! Absolutely love it. I am taking pictures like a drunken fool, I swear. I do 4 photo memes every week. It's crazy. My camera came with a pretty good versatile lens, but I've gotten to the point where I want to do more. I really want a better zoom and a better macro lens.

As usual when I'm thinking of buying something, I headed over to buy.com to see if they had anything on sale. Unfortunately nothing I'm looking for :(

They do have some very cool lenses for some very reasonable prices. This baby is only $799

I would love this lens. It's a 70-300mm telephoto zoom. The one I have now is only 180. I could take some wicked pictures with this beauty. Maybe if I save my pennies....

Of course, I could always go this way:

This is a 50mm macro lens for only $449. I adore taking macro pictures. Those are probably my favorites. I love macros of flowers and raindrops and just about anything else I can get close to. I just may have to go that way to start.

Of course, I'm almost ready for a better camera. I got a low end model because I'm just starting out. But I'm almost ready to move up to something better. I wouldn't mind picking up the Sony A350. Now that's a nice camera :) Okay, I can't buy one right now so I should go do something productive, like look for something I can afford :)

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Benson said...

I really admire folks like you who take good pictures with really cool cameras and lenses.
Keep it up.

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