25 February 2009

I think I was stressed

At least I think that's what happened at the beginning of this week. I was totally stressed out, things didn't look good, I didn't know what I was going to do and it all reached a boiling point on Monday. It actually started building on Sunday and peaked on Monday. But things are better now.

One of the first things I did was make a detailed to do list so I had a handle on what the heck was going on. I found myself running in a number of different directions with grad school work (holy crap is there a lot of work in grad school), work, high school, worrying about the dogs, etc. I now have a detailed list in my planner that lays out all the things I need to do. I don't feel the need to do them all at once as I know I have a week to do them, but I also feel like I'm making good progress when I check off something no matter how small. So now that I have those things that I can control under control I'm feeling much better.

When the stress started to build the first thing that went was the working out. Isn't that funny that the thing that can help me most deal with stress is the first thing to go when it gets stressful... Hmmm..... Anyway, I now haven't worked out in 6 days and I feel like crap. So regardless of weight loss or fat loss or whatever I have to workout. So tomorrow morning it's up well before the sun and back at it. Tomorrow I actually am done by 9:30 so I probably will come home and do a strength session too. I have to get back into the groove.


Anonymous said...

I can totally understand! It's much easier to give up the one thing that challenges us the most. Working out helps us in so many ways and often feels great after, but initially it's hard to make that effort. Keep it up and remember you're chosing to do it for a long term goal!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad things are better for you.

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