26 February 2009

It's getting better all the time.....

It really is. So my little to-do list in my planner is probably the one single, greatest idea I've had in a while. On Tuesday the list had 13 items on it for 3 different areas. Tomorrow's list is 7 items. I've completed 6 things and they were the harder things. The 7 things I have left will be done by Sunday, probably sooner. Of course on Monday a whole new list starts for a whole new week, but that's okay, I've got a plan to handle :)

I did not get up and workout this morning. It was freezing cold at 4:30 and I just could not drag myself out of bed. I didn't workout when I got home at 10:30 either because I was tired and decided I needed a nap more then a workout. That may not have been the best choice but it's mine. The way my schedule is; early some mornings, late some nights; I'm trying to figure out a workout schedule that won't kill me. I need to do something every day but it doesn't have to be killer every day. Ah, I don't know, I'm working on it.

Okay, I have to go. I've only allowed myself a certain amount of time for blogging and I'm almost at my limit.

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