24 February 2009


I got my laptop about 5 months ago. I got it when I started school because with Sam, the bird, I can't always sit in here and use the desktop. Also, I discovered that having 2 computers is very helpful, especially for school. I can have info on the laptop and be working on the desktop, very, very handy. I purchased the laptop on sale for a good price and I'm overall very, very happy with it. However, there is one thing that drives me nuts. That little area at the bottom that is supposed to be the mouse. Ugh!! It's right in the middle and I keep tapping it with my wrists when I'm typing and it causes my cursor to jump all over the place. Or I'll be using it and hit the little scroll thing on the right when I don't mean to and the page will scroll. It can be very annoying. So I've decided I need one of these:

I've been looking around and debating getting one, but I think it's becoming critical. I don't mind the keyboard on the laptop, in fact I like the keyboard. It's the mouse stuff that makes me crazy. So I'm seriously considering getting one of these.

There are 2 problems with my buying this. First, I know these come in pink I've seen them. Second, where exactly would I use a mouse when I'm sitting on the couch :)

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Anonymous said...

It's a problem! The mousepad is brilliant for most things. But not for puzzles or games. And you can't use it on your lap. Pyjamas and mouses and sofas just don't mix.

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