18 February 2009

A little bit further today

Okay, I screwed up yesterdays list and today didn't go quite as planned, but I still figure it's a success .

Here was the list from yesterday:

  • Protein Shake - Done
  • 45-60 minutes of cardio - Overslept so didn't have time for this
  • Breakfast - Protein Shake
  • Work - Done
  • Snack - Done
  • Lunch - Done
  • Snack - this one is a maybe - This one didn't happen
  • Strength - There is no strength on Weds.
  • Dinner - Done
Last night when I got home from class I was exhausted. Completely and totally exhausted. I was so tired my eyes burned. So I wisely went to bed. But the alarm went off this morning and apparently I just turned it off. I don't remember hearing it but I woke up an hour later and it was turned off. So I did not get any workout this morning. I don't do strength on Wednesdays so I could have done my cardio when I came home but I had a couple of stops to make and it was kind of late when I got home. So no workout today.

What is absolutely fascinating is that on the days I workout twice I burn about 2500 cals. Now I'm not sure if it's the actual exercise or that I'm just more active in general on days I work out twice. I'm generally running around trying to get everything done so that may account for the extra calorie burn. Today, with no workout, I'll probably end up at about 2000 cals. Interesting.

Okay, tomorrow's list:

  • Protein Shake
  • 45-60 minutes of cardio
  • Breakfast
  • Radford High
  • Snack
  • Job Interview
  • Lunch
  • Strength
  • Job Interview
  • Snack - Optional
  • Dinner
Not too tough. I should have no problem doing all this tomorrow. On a really good note, my eating has been spot on. Fruits, vegetables, protein, and carbs that don't bother me. Gotta run. Lost is on...

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