21 February 2009

Today I'm not a rock star

But it was still a very good day.

I was tired again this morning and didn't get up to workout. I'm not too worried about this. I know that my energy will take a little time to build up to a level where I can do this everyday. I can tell it's getting better because I did not suffer energy drain for a couple of days. Wednesday was tough but I worked out Thursday. It will all balance out again. Then this afternoon I had to go pick up my taxes so I didn't workout then either. But my eating was very, very good. I didn't work out and my food consumption went down too. Naturally. I was pleased with that. So let's see today's list:

  • Protein Shake - skipped, no workout
  • 45-60 minutes of cardio - overslept
  • Breakfast - Starbucks oatcake
  • Work - Done
  • Snack - Skipped
  • Lunch - Lunch meat, flat bread, and hummus
  • Snack - Pretzels
  • Strength - This is a maybe. - Skipped
  • Dinner - Chinese food
So not too bad. I'm happy with it anyway.

Now for tomorrow. It's Saturday and therefore a little more freer. So what's my plan?? How about this:

  • Protein shake and leisurely coffee
  • Strength
  • 30 minutes cardio
  • Breakfast
  • Schoolwork
  • Lunch
  • Schoolwork
  • Dinner
Alright, not very exciting but it's what I've got to do. I may also try to buy car insurance online but I don't need to schedule that.

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