07 February 2009

Wow, this has been a day

After my little fit this morning (at least I had one here) I ended up doing nothing. Not only did I do nothing, I ate 2 danish then went out to lunch. At lunch we had crab and artichoke dip and a club sandwich. Don't forget the beer. We then ran a few errands. After we got home I was doing some cleaning up and my bird, Sammy, was on my desk. He decided he wanted to be with me so jumped from the desk to where I was standing. Unfortunately the only thing around for him to grab on to was my thumb. So he grabbed. Hard. Hard enough that I could feel his beak sink into my thumb and hit bone. Do you have any idea what that feels like?? The good part, if you can call it that, is that he didn't rip flesh but pulled his beak straight out. So all I have are two deep puncture marks on each side of thumb. I don't even need stitches because the punctures closed up again and I had tetanus shot in 2001 so I'm all good. Just in an incredible amount of pain and a little scared of the bird. He's currently locked in his cage while I try to shake the fear. Birds are like dogs, they can smell fear and will exploit it if they can. I can not give him that opportunity. I may just leave him in his cage the rest of the day and we'll start over tomorrow. But, it's like Cesear says, they don't remember. He's not thinking about how he bit me. He's thinking about how he'd like to be petted right now. {{sigh}} Animals are hard.

In other news, I came to some decisions today. I have a tendency to look at the large picture too much. For example, I will plan out a week of workouts and then if I miss one I'll just look at the week and figure when I can move it to. That's good, but it's bad too. Looking at the big picture too often can blur the details. I need to focus on the details to get things done. So what I'm going to try this week is to lay out a week plan but then focus on the individual days. So I won't think about the rest of the week and when I could fit in a missed workout, I will focus only on the current day and when I can get that workout in. It's not hard, I just need to do it.

Why is this never easy??


Carnation said...

i do hope your thumb will heal fast. yes animals don't think like us most of the time they just have survival instincts.

Vickie said...

My sister got bit by a big bird once so I have heard it is very painful. As for your plan, I always find it easier to stay motivated with the big picture but going week by week. If I miss something, its usually an easy workout, since I try to put all the easy stuff in the week when I'm working and then only have 2 key hard workouts on the weekend. That way I'm not missing the important stuff unless something really gets in the way. If its easier for you to do 2 or 3 key workouts during the week instead, then do that and have the weekends open for other stuff you need to do. You'll probably be less likely to put them off that way.

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