20 March 2009

Body Bugg

I've been wearing the Body Bugg again recently. I wore it yesterday during all those workouts and I burned 2500 cals. I wore it today when I literally sat at a desk and read a book, and burned 1500. Interesting huh?? My 3 bouts of exercise burned 900 cals. Cool. And I took 15,000 steps yesterday. Today I took 4,000. I now see why I gained weight over the last 2 months since I lost my job. I spend way too much time on by ample butt.

I have felt absolutely fantastic all day today. In fact, I'm dying to workout. I had planned it like this; workout hard Thursday and rest on Friday. That would allow me to gauge how I will feel. Well, I feel awesome and want to workout. I'm going to refrain and hit it hard tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. Instead of working out I think I'll go look for some online auto insurance quotes. That should keep me busy. Right now it's time for some dinner.

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