17 March 2009

Connections made

I'm studying to be a high school teacher, I may have mentioned that once or 400 times :) One of the things that we really focus on and try to learn before we are thrown in front of 30 bored teenagers is classroom management. Techniques, tips, strategies to keep these kids under control, paying attention, and doing what you want them to. We read about them, talk about them, role play them, ad nausem. But, as I've discovered and discussed with my mentor teacher, until a situation actually arises that you have to manage with one of these techniques, you don't own it. It's just like learning anything new, until you actually practice what you learn it's not really yours.

You might be asking what this might possibly have to do with weight loss, eating right, exercise, or any of the above. I'm glad you asked. For years I've heard that you need to figure out why you want to eat the things you shouldn't be eating. Why are you wanting that triple fudge sundae? Why do you feel the need to devour an entire cake? I've heard you should stop and figure out what's eating you before you start eating. I've never been able to do that. I've been able to figure it out after, and while that's great that's not soon enough. I have been able to stop in the middle and say that I didn't really want that. Again, that's fantastic but still not quite soon enough. Today however, I did it before.

I have a paper due in class tonight that I have been struggling with for weeks. It's a literature review paper and I have a pretty good sense of what I want to write about but wading through the literature is so incredibly time consuming and I'm not finding exactly what I want. So the rough draft is due tonight and I didn't really have anything. When I got up this morning I sat down at the computer and dove in. I worked for 3 hours and realized that I was hungry. I decided to take a break and make me something to eat. As I headed out to the kitchen I said, out loud, 'what I really want is Girl Scout Cookies!' As I said it I heard it and it literally stopped me in my tracks. I then said, out loud, 'no you don't, you just think you deserve them because this paper is so hard!' I then proceeded to grab a healthy snack, handful of peanuts and a banana, and return to my paper. The magnitude of what had just happened though didn't hit me until I was done with the rough draft. I got the paper submitted and felt so proud of myself for getting it done on time that's when it hit me. Most of the time when I accomplish something really hard, for me, there's usually junk food involved. Then, I feel bummed because I ate the junk food and not as proud as I should be of my accomplishment. Junk food was literally stealing my thunder. So now the whole think before you eat thing? It's mine. I own it. Not only do I own it it will be something I use all the time. Someone once said, stop knowing and start doing. Okay, I will.

I have lots more to write but I'll stop here for now. Time to play with the birds and head off to class.


Anonymous said...


and, IMO, this is the biggest piece.
the feeling it and the SAYING IT to yourself:

felt so proud of myself.


Anonymous said...

That's a huge realisation! And, as you say, now you own it. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Good work. Keep it up

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