20 March 2009

Experiment successful

Okay, now that I have all the pieces (at least mentally) it's time to put them all in place and act. I did that yesterday. Today is the last day of school. Spring break here in Hawaii is 2 weeks long. Spring break for grad school is only 1 week, but that's only 2 nights a week. My point is that for the next 2 weeks I have nothing to do. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Once the last piece of the puzzle fell into place on Tuesday I felt energized and ready to really tackle this whole weight thing. I wanted to start right away but I figured I needed a good plan. So after some careful self analysis and looking through my old journals I have a plan of attack. I'm calling it, The Biggest Loser Home Edition.

For this event I will spend the next 2 weeks focusing on me. I'm going to eat right, workout a lot, and take this time to kind of get a jump start on my weight loss. My general plan is:

Mornings: Go for a run or a bike ride
Afternoons: Strength training
Evenings: Cardio

That's it, pretty simple but very effective. Yesterday was a test run to see if it was possible and how I would feel. Yes, it definitely is possible and I feel great. I can hear it already and trust me, I've already thought of everything your thinking.

I will over train and hurt myself: Not likely since I will be doing a variety of things and I'm only doing it for 2 weeks.

That much exercise can't be good: I would argue that point but I have no scientific facts to back it up. Suffice it to say I've done this before and I can handle it.

You'll get tired/bored/whatever: again, it's only for 2 weeks. Hell, I can tread water for 2 weeks if I have to.

Also, remember, I have nothing else to do during this time. If I'm excessively tired I can sleep in or take a nap. No problem. Also, I think I tend to underestimate my abilities. I get so caught up in the 'exercise 30 minutes a day', 'go slow', 'take it easy'. Bullsh*t!!! Thinking like that got me where I am. I am going to go hard and really hit it for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks I'll scale back to an easier schedule because I'll be back at work. By then I should be ready for some time in some luxury hotel rooms. Little hot tub. Little massage. Oh yes, I will have earned it.

Yesterday was a test drive of this plan. I went for an hour run/walk in the morning. Before lunch I did about 40 minutes of strength training. And I watched Grey's Anatomy while on the elliptical. I ate well though I think I should have eaten a little bit more. A couple of things I noticed. I've had a lot more energy yesterday then I've had in weeks. I slept like a rock. I felt like a rock star. I woke up easily this morning and while I can feel some muscles I'm not very sore anywhere. I think I did good. So I know I can do it and it doesn't kill me. Starting tomorrow game on.

I have a couple of goals for these 2 weeks. First, just to get back into the habit of working out. If I work out 3 times a day for 2 weeks, working out once a day will seem absolutely easy. Second, I would really like to lose some body fat. My secret, if I'm perfect, goal is about 15 lbs. That's not out of the question I'm just not positive it's possible. So my real goal is 8-10 lbs. That sounds like a lot but I really think it's doable. That 1-2 lb weight loss per week is for those taking it slow and easy. For the next 2 weeks easy is not in my vocabulary. I have lost 6 lbs in a week without working as hard as I will be then next 2 weeks. I would like to hit my 50th birthday weighing 20lbs less then I do now. Can I do it?? Anything is possible.

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