10 April 2009

And I thought I was deaf!!!

Seriously. I really think I have hearing issues. These would be due in no small part to the amount and loudness of music I listened to as a youth, concerts attended with seating next to the speakers, headphone use through the years, and the presence of a cockatoo in my house and frequently on my shoulder. I do have trouble hearing but usually in specific settings. If there is a lot of people and everyone is talking I have to focus on the person I'm talking to or I won't hear a thing. Certain TV shows I have trouble hearing and it must be the way they are filmed because most I have not problem with. Certain accents I have trouble with and it's not that I can't understand them, I really can't hear what they are saying - it's weird. So when I heard about this noise that only teenagers can hear I thought there is no way I could hear it. I was wrong. Hmmm....seriously.....Maybe my hearing is not as bad as I thought. You can try it yourself.

Train Horns

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