29 April 2009


An interesting thing happened today. To make a long story very short, we ended up having a teacher appreciation lunch in the room I work in today. It was put on by the PTSO and they provided all the food and drinks. It was very nice and I got a free lunch. The thing was, as with most events of this type, there was more desserts then anything else. I managed to get a sandwich and some veggies. Some of our student helpers were there and I got some food for them too. One of the students wanted some dessert so I went and got a little of this and a little of that. The students and I ate it and I probably ate more then I should have. About 2 hours later I was so incredibly tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. I mean literally was having trouble holding my head up. I was wiped out. I got home and laid down on the couch and dozed for about 30 minutes. I got up and ate a handful of peanuts and really felt much better. I could not believe how tired I got once that sugar kicked in. Interesting.... I guess when you eat it all the time you are in a constant state of tired and so you don't notice it. That was really scary and yet another good reason not to eat garbage.

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