11 May 2009

A little accountability

So the past few days have been insane. I was at the Pet Expo all weekend and before that I was running around trying to get things situated for it. I have not worked out or eaten right in 6 days. I feel like cr*p!!! So, in order to be accountable I've decided to document the past couple of days here so I can remember.

Friday: No exercise
Starbucks for breakfast
Protein Pack for lunch
Bratwurst and potato pancakes for dinner

Saturday: No exercise
McDonald's sausage mcmuffin with egg for breakfast
Hot Dog for lunch
Lots of little mini muffins
Fried rice and chicken for dinner
More mini muffins

Sunday: No exercise
Starbucks for breakfast
Hot Dog for lunch
Yet more mini muffins
Prime rib, roasted potatoes, chicken, veggies for dinner (this is not as good as it sounds)
Cheesecake, apple cobbler, cake until I was sick (luckily that didn't take long)

Monday: too much time spend in the bathroom.

(What really gets me is there are some people who would consider that a normal menu and not understand why I feel so horrible).

I had planned on working out this morning but I have spent way too much time going to the bathroom due to all the crap I ate this weekend so. So in an effort to purge myself, I will be fasting until dinner tonight and drinking copious amounts of water. That will give my body a chance to regroup and regain some equilibrium. Then for dinner I will have a nice salad and some protein and that's all. I will probably exercise when I get home around noon providing I'm still not back and forth to the toilet. Either that or I'll play with the dogs for a while, that should burn a few calories and get me moving. Then tomorrow I can get right back into it, working out and eating right. Wow, it's amazing how crappy I feel.

Tonight starts my first summer class. It's going to be tough. Grad school is tough anyway and then to cram a class into 5 weeks - Yowza!!! I'll be working my butt off. Luckily I probably won't be working so I'll have the time to devote to school.

Alright, that's enough for now. If I'm not going to workout I need to get things ready for work. I'm off.....

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