28 May 2009

A time to regroup

As typically happens when I get too busy, I have to take a day to regroup. I had a pretty full plate today but nothing that can't wait until tomorrow (except my job interview). I went to school this morning and was going to go for a run and swim afterwards. But I didn't. First, it's been so hot and muggy and voggy* all this week I just couldn't take it anymore. It's miserable to run in conditions like this. Also, I just need to get organized. I have a bunch of stuff piling up and next week I pick up another class. I just need to have all my ducks in a row and I currently don't. So when I got out of class this morning and walked out into the humid, hot, hazy day I said that's it. Not today. I then headed over to Target to get a binder and some misc. organizational stuff and headed home. It's now raining so clearly I made the right choice.

I got myself a magnetic dry erase board (in pink) to make notes on. I have discovered the absolute necessity of lists. Seriously, I've become a total list freak!! But what I find is that I make the list in my planner and then don't look at it until the end of the day because I think I can remember everything. Ha!!! I have trouble remembering where I parked my car but I think I can remember a list of things to do. Yeah!! I'm crazy that way. Now I can write my list on my board and see it every time I go near my computer. I think that will work better. I have really become a complete list animal. I write down everything in lists now. I love to check them off. Here is my revised list for today:
  • Get binders organized for classes
  • Print out some papers for thesis
  • Try to hone down a thesis topic
  • Look for some Mesothelioma lawyers ( possibly thesis related)
  • Go to job interview and dazzle them
I now have to get started on getting these things done. I want to check off at least 2 things before I head out for my job interview. Wish me luck.

*voggy - a fog like appearance due to the presence of volcanic smoke in the air. When the tradewinds stop blowing the vog can float in from the Big Island.

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sen and qi said...

I wish you the best of luck and you can tell me about organizing rofl. I am in bed with flu at the moment and too many things pending! I found your lovely blog while adgitizing and it keeps my mind off the muscle ache reading some nice posts!

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