10 May 2009

What a freaking weekend......

I've been incredibly busy since Thursday getting toys ready, picking up foster dogs, refereeing between Rocco and the fosters, driving all over God's green earth for this ridiculous Pet Expo. Then yesterday I was there all day in the blazing heat. Yes, the hall has a/c but there are millions of billions of people and the doors are open and you get the idea. It was hot and tiring and I do not want to go today though I must.

So basically I've gotten no exercise, my eating has been absolute crap; McDonald's for breakfast and a hot dog for lunch; and I've probably sweated away a ton of weight. Ugh!!!! Today is the final day, yea!!!! Then tomorrow I start my first summer course. Over the next 15 weeks I will be taking 13 grad school credits. That is completely and totally insane. Completely!!! If I have time to eat it will be a bloody miracle. I will probably have to institute a number of alarm systems to keep me on task. This is going to be brutal.

Right now, I have to run. Time to get ready for the Expo.

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