22 May 2009

Words of wisdom

What is that saying, success is getting up one more time then you fall down, or something like that.

I was watching my birds play tonight and I noticed something. They would try to do something and fail, most times fall to the floor. They would walk over to their ladder, climb back up, and try all over again. My one bird, Mr. P, did this about 6 times. Every time he tried it slightly differently but he kept trying. Eventually he got it and then he kept doing it over and over and over. He was mastering it. But something really struck me as I watched him fall to the floor, climb back up and try over and over; his failure meant nothing to him. He didn't get upset because he kept failing. He didn't quit. He kept trying to find a slightly different way to do it until he got it right. I need to take a lesson from Mr. P, and I am.

I've decided to train for a triathlon. Actually two. And a marathon. And possibly a century ride. I've decided to keep trying. I'm not going to be fast. I'm not going to break any records, even my own, but I'm going to keep trying. It all begins tomorrow.

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