And so it goes.....

Yesterday, due to a complete oversight on my part, I did not workout. I did take the dogs for a walk so at least I did something. Then this morning I awoke in a panic. My thesis proposal was due on Wednesday night and it's not done yet (I have a reprieve until Monday so it's not that bad) and a literature review is due next Thursday. I awoke freaking out a little. But that actually turned out to be a good thing. I got up and sat down at the computer. I did a little bit of research because I was still looking for something and wouldn't you know I found exactly what I needed. I found some fabulous articles that got me rolling on my paper (I was still struggling to get started in the direction I wanted to go in). I printed a bunch of them out and took them to school with me. After my class I had to wait as a friend was arriving from the mainland, so I sat in my classroom and started to work on my paper. With what I found this morning the paper started to write itself. I was so excited. I haven't made hardly any progress in 2 weeks but in 1 hour I wrote 5 pages. Yes!!! I now have confidence that I will finish this over the weekend. Once the birds go to bed I'm going to start on it again and with any luck at all (knock wood) I can wrap it up tomorrow. You have no idea how excited that makes me. I had visions of long sessions at the computer banging my head against the desk. What this all means is that I never did workout this morning either. I didn't even get to take the dogs out. So I didn't work out but I made huge progress on my paper. Tomorrow it's right back into the routine. I plan on doing weights and cardio then I may take the dogs for a short hike. I discovered a whole set of trails nearby that I've never hiked before. I don't know them so I probably should consider looking into gps systems so I don't get lost. Okay, I'm off to try and get the birds into their cages so I can start in on my paper. I love when it's something I look forward to.


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