I just have to share

I got a teaching job!!! I'm so happy and excited I could just burst. I'm going to be the Chemistry teacher at St. Francis High School come this fall. I'm also going to be the pre-Algebra teacher this summer. I am so freaking excited I have been doing the happy dance all night. I had to sit through class trying to pay attention when all I could think about was all that I had to do in the very, very brief 6 week summer. I'm relieved to know what's happening now. I can make my plans and move on with my life. I'm so stoked..... Okay, I'm also pretty darn tired. I'm going to vegetate in front of the TV for a little bit and head off to bed early.....


Irene said…
Shelly said…
Congrats on the job!
That's great news!

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