I'm tired of trying....

basically I'm just tired. No, seriously!! I'm working really hard at eating right lately. Really hard. But life has rapidly gotten extremely busy in a short amount of time. I'm trying to write my proposal for my thesis (trying being the operative word), I would like to finish my thesis entirely by the end of summer, I'll be teaching summer school and getting ready to teach full time in July. I have quite a full plate and there isn't a lot of room for food on it (LOL, I crack me up). So I was thinking of trying something a little different with the food. Something where I don't have to think so much. Something where it's delivered to my door in the proper portion sizes and all I have to do is heat and eat. Something that would take the work out of eating right and yet still allow me to continue to lose weight. So, since I was avoiding writing my proposal and I felt like doing another video entry, here are more of my thoughts:

Nutrisystem has been around a long time. Their food sounds and looks good. I love the low glycemic index thingee, do you have any idea how hard it is to try and grab a snack and have to think how will this effect my blood sugar and will I be crashing in an hour??? It's a pain in the butt I tell you. But with Nutrisystem I wouldn't have to think twice. Eat the meals and snacks, add the fruits and veggies, not thinking about it so no chance to screw it up. So that's what I'm thinking. If you've tried it please feel free to share your experiences.


angelfish24 said…
I did do nutri system I think twice a long time ago. Each time, I loathed most of the the lunch and dinner foods. It was bland and boring and some of it just sucked. Of course soon as I went off it, it just made me want to eat everything in sight. That being said, may be it's better food now.
I do know a few people that have had success losing about 30 lbs on this program but they do have the tendency to yo-yo back and forth up in weight later, but who doesn't? ha.
I know...I feel like I'm at the end of my rope with me weight and would consider a program such as this but I think I'll give ole WW a good try again as I need to cook for the family too.
yanjiaren said…
You and me both. I am also tired of battling away and my health isn't too good at the moment. I am waiting for some money to come then I will go to a Spa somewhere and log on only an hour a day to blog rofl. That's my dream!

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