23 June 2009

It all ties together

I only have a couple of minutes before I work out but I wanted to post these thoughts. Everything is connected. How you feel, what you eat, your view of yourself, your view of your comptency, everything is tied together. I've been struggling with getting back on the exercise track and writing the proposal for my thesis, two seemingly unrelated things. Yet, once I kind of forced myself to workout everyday things started falling into place. I feel better, my mental state is better, I have more energy, and other areas of my life are falling into place. I finally figured out how to make my thesis work and I know it's only because I feel so much better in other areas of my life. My complete exhaustion seems to have passed. I did not even get tired yesterday afternoon but worked straight through until it was time to go to class. I've said it before but it bears repeating, we, our bodies, do not exist as separate systems. We can't treat one problem and expect other parts of our lives not to be affected. We are whole, complex organisms that have to be treated as such. When I work out regularly it affects all aspects of my life not just my physical. By the same token when I eat crap it affects all aspects of my life not just my weight. So there you have it, my profound pronouncements for the day. Now I'm off to get my workout in before I move on to the hundred other things I have to do.

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