04 June 2009

A little time to regroup

The days lately have seemed crazy busy. I'm trying to think exactly what's going on and I'm not really sure but crazy busy they have been. I know the foster dogs are taking up a lot of time. They are puppies and the male is incredibly high energy, so there are lots of trips to the dog park, hikes, etc. That's good, it keeps me a little active. But I need to get back on track with the working out. This morning, since it's finally not blazing hot, I'm going for a run. I also want to get in some weights before I head off to class. And, I'd really like to take the dogs to the park for a bit. And let's not forget that I have to start writing my proposal for my thesis for my Masters. That I'm excited about. I finally have a topic that is really cutting edge and extremely interesting. I could of course, take things to the dog park to read while the dogs run around. I could even take my laptop to work on my paper. We'll see. Right now I want to do a little research, wake up just a bit more, and then head out for my run.

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Sharkbytes said...

OK, you've got my attention with being excited about a thesis proposal. Do tell!

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