13 June 2009

Quite a day

Went to WW this morning. I was up. I'm pretty sure it's what I had for dinner last night so I'm okay with it. But it comes off this week.

After the meeting came home and did my interval training with cardio coach, that is fun, showered and headed off to take my test for teaching. Details can be read here.

2 hours later I went grocery shopping and headed home. Then it was an afternoon of relaxing with the animals. Around 5 pm I loaded the dogs in the car and headed to the dog park. We got there about 5:30 and that is apparently prime dog park time. There must have been 30 dogs there and more kept coming. It was amazing. The kids got to play with all kinds of dogs for over and hour. I had to drag them to the car to go home. Now they are passed out on the floor too tired to even eat dinner.

Now it's my time. All my animal related chores are done and it's time for me. Hubby is working so I have the night all to myself. What will I do?? What will I do????

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