24 June 2009

Things are good

It's truly amazing how it works, and how quickly I can forget. I have now worked out 6 days in a row and I feel fabulous. I really look forward to my interval workout, I like to see if I can go faster then the last time. I say all the time that I'm not competitive but I am against myself. I love to see if I can go faster, further, harder, heavier, whatever. Anyway, the food has been good too. See if I workout I want to eat right and if I eat right I want to workout and it's a never ending loop. So yes, feeling fabulous, eating well, working out, life is good. I have been doing my intervals on my elliptical machine. I love my elliptical because I can simulate running with no damage to my body and that sprained ankle from 2 weeks ago just won't seem to heal, so the elliptical it is. I was doing my intervals this morning and the dog was chasing the pedal. I was thinking that I should get a treadmill and I could put him on it then he wouldn't go after me :) Cesar Milan does it!!!! That's it for the moment, I have some work to do before class tonight.

1 comment:

Irene said...

Looks great, Flo!

I'm still laughing about the dog. :)

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