26 July 2009

I need a plan

So here's the deal. I was cruising along very nicely getting my workouts in, starting to focus on my eating when WHAM!! I was smacked in the face with all kinds of stuff. I had to substitute for a day, the rescue thing happened, I started at my new job, and I got a head cold on top of all that. So my workouts fell by the wayside (though I was doing heavy physical labor for a couple of days) and the eating went all to hell. Now, I'm facing starting school on Monday and I need a plan. I'm starting as a new teacher and I know that the first year is going to be rough. Because of that I absolutely, positively have to get my workouts in. My best stress handler is working out so that becomes a huge priority. Then there's the eating. In order to keep my energy up and be able to handle the stress and 100+ teenagers, I need to eat right. I haven't been doing that lately for a large number of reasons that are nothing but excuses. It's not even that I've been eating much junk food, though there has been some, it's more that I eat so sporadically. Yesterday I had coffee and toast at 7 am. Then at 11:30 I had 1/2 a burrito. At 1:30 I had a handful of pretzels. Then I ate dinner at 7:30 last night. See, that's just wrong. So I need to have a plan.

The first thing I'm going to do is go shopping today for good food. I will plan my breakfasts, lunches, and snacks all week and shop to fill that order. I'm stocking up on fruits and veggies. Then I need to plan my workouts. Since I have classes most nights after school that only leaves mornings, but I have to be to school by 7:30. That means leaving here no later then 6:45. Which means I have to be done working out by 6:00 to have time to get ready (that includes the animals and me). And that means starting my workout no later then 5:15, and that means I have to be up by 4:45 (I need 1/2 an hour to get human). So if I go to bed by 9pm I will get 7 1/2 hours sleep (more then enough) and be up by 4:30. I can totally do this it's just a matter of doing it.

So here's the schedule:
9:00 pm -- Bed
4:30 am -- Get up
5:15 am -- Workout
6:00 am -- Shower/Dress/Get everyone ready
6:45 am -- Out the door

That seems not only reasonable but totally doable. During the day I have breaks so I need to schedule and plan my eating. Unfortunately everyday is different but with a little planning I'm sure I can conquer it.

Day 1: I go from 7:55 until 11:40 with no breaks. I'll need to plan something quick to eat so I can grab a snack around 9:30-10:00 then I can have lunch at around noon.

Day 2: I have my first break at 10 and a second break at 12:30 so that works out just fine for a snack and lunch.

Day 3: My first break is at 9:10, my second break is at 11:40, and my third break is at 2:10. So that day will be fine for a snack, lunch and even a second snack. Cool.

Day 4: I don't start the day until 8:40, then have a break at 9:10 and another at 12:30. This day should be easy too.

Day 5: Again I don't start until 8:40 however, my only break is from 10:00 until 11:40, then I'm busy the rest of the day. Looks like I'll need an early lunch and an afternoon snack.

Day 6: Break at 9:10, 11:40, and at 1:20 I'm done for the day. So this day is not a problem either.

No, we do not have school on Saturdays, the school does run on a 6 day cycle that is different everyday but every 6 days starts over again. It's very strange but I'm already starting to get used to it.

Okay, I feel better already. I just needed to sit down and work it all out, something I hadn't done. I will go grocery shopping and pick up lots of fruit and non-perishable snacks that I can grab quickly between classes. What is that saying, a failure to plan is a plan to fail?? I'm ready!!!!

On a slightly different note, I have not worked a full 8 hour day since December 30, 2008. It's going to be weird after almost 7 months off to go back to full time day. Plus I'm going to school at night so that makes the day even longer....... Oh well, I'll adjust.


Zach Hunt - Spokane Fitness Trainer said...

Nice work on the plan. You will be successful!

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