07 July 2009

Is it over yet??

The Michael Jackson nonsense that is. From the coverage he's receiving you would think he conquered world peace. Or ended racism, oh wait, he was practically racist himself wanting to be white and all. Maybe he ended the violence in the middle east. No, the only middle east country he went to was Dubai - the really, really, really, rich place. Oh wait, I know what he did, he molested children, that's reason to celebrate.

Why is it that when people die all the bad things they did seem to just fade away? Yes, Michael Jackson was an incredible music talent, but that's no reason to treat him like the second coming. People get a grip. I have seen more news coverage of his life and death then anything in recent memory. Good thing that whole pesky Iraq situation is cleared up. And the folks in Iran settled their election issues. And that whole genocide mess in Darfur is cleared up. My god people. Wake up and smell the coffee. Michael Jackson was an extremely talented individual with serious problems -- look what he did to his face!!!! That is not the sign of a mentally healthy person. Get over it a move on. I'm only glad I'm busy all day and will miss the circus that will be going on in Staples center. I can not believe it's being broadcast on TV. But then no one ever said the American public was intelligent......

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Irene said...

I agree with you!

I've been watching nothing but The Food Network and HGTV on purpose!

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