15 July 2009

Time to focus on eating

My eating has been totally out of control lately. Either I don't eat enough or I'm eating junk. Yesterday started off so good and then I ate 1 cookie. Then another. Then another. You get the idea. I finished off the night with milk and peanut butter Oreos. Have you had those?? Don't!! They are crack!!!!! Anyway, now that I know what has to be done for the working out part, it's time to focus on the eating.

Here's today's plan:
Breakfast: Shredded Wheat (plain) with banana and protein powder
Snack: Cherries and string cheese
Lunch: Salad with steak
Snack: Apple with peanut butter
Dinner: Not sure yet.

There is no room in that menu for cookies. None at all. Hopefully by eating right and filling up on good nutritious food I'll burn fat or at least begin to.

Today's workout will be weights and cardio intervals then a trip to the dog park. Sounds like fun doesn't it?? Okay, time to get moving.

1 comment:

Irene said...

Where have I been? Peanut butter Oreos? Maybe it's a good thing I haven't discovered those yet. I'd be in big trouble...

Today's plan looks great!

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