12 August 2009

Getting better

My plans have not quite worked out this week and it's only Wednesday. But that's okay because I'm willing to keep plugging along until I get it right. I feel my energy level returning and that is a good thing. I can't believe how incredibly tired teaching makes a person, it really is exhausting. But, as I said, I'm adjusting so I know that will all work out.

I did get up Monday and did a light workout and then walked for 45 minutes before my class Monday night. That was great and I felt really good. When I got home though we discovered one of the birds missing. We spent the next hour and a half searching high and low for it, it was nowhere to be found. Also, during the search I remembered I had jury duty on Tuesday! Yikes!!! That through Tuesday into tizzy. I had to be at the courthouse early and then sit around most of the day. Short story - I didn't get picked for the jury. But I was there long enough to have lunch which involved fat laden Chinese food and beer. More sitting around then it was home I went only to go out to dinner to..........guess.......fat laden Chinese food and beer - doh!!!! I forgot we had a dinner that night. Yikes. By the end of the night I felt like a bloated, fat slob. And it kind of hit me...... I'm done. I have got to quit making excuses (like the one this morning for not getting up to workout) and I have got to get my fat butt back on track. This is completely insane. So I'm starting right now.....

First, because I still kind of feel like a beached whale, I'm going very light today. Very light on the food and heavy on the water. That's definitely one of my problems, I have not been drinking near enough water. If I don't drink more water I'm going to have to look for the best weight loss supplement because nothing else I'm doing is cutting it.

Okay, enough whining. As my wrist tells me; Do or do not. There is no try.

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