29 August 2009

One week down

and I feel great. I did not work out yesterday but that was a conscious decision, so it's a good one. Otherwise I worked out every morning. Yea me!!! I have also felt awesome. I'm still tired but not that total exhaustion where I'm not sure I can drive home because it's sitting still and I might fall asleep. Just the normal tired after you've worked all day. I've found that if I come home, get the birds out, and relax on the couch for 15 or 20 minutes I'm fine. I generally get a second wind and am energetic for the rest of the night. Almost all animals nap in the afternoon. My dogs do, my birds do, when I had rabbits they did. I think animals need a little rest in the middle of the day to recharge. Oh well, someday I'll live in Spain and take a siesta everyday :) Not!!!! The point is my 15-20 minute rest completely rejuvenates me so I do it.

My eating has been pretty good too, not great, but pretty good. I found a great way to journal my food in my planner. I write what I eat and how I feel at the time I eat. Now I can look back over the days and see on the days I felt really great when and what I ate. I think it helps.

I want to keep this routine for one more week to make sure this week wasn't just a fluke. So next week same thing, workout for 30 minutes everyday and eat right and log all my food. Try to stick between 1200 and 1500 calories. Now I'm off to workout.

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