So change things....

and I'm doing that. Getting up early is tough but being exhausted all day long is tougher. By getting up and working out I have more energy during the day. So that makes it worth it. I've also been making sure I eat well and that helps a lot. I am hoping that I will develop some stamina for this job. I can't imagine being this tired all the time. I'm really guessing the tiredness is due to my unemployed status for the last 7 months. I never worked more then about 4 hours in the whole time I was off, and I never had to 'on' like I do when I'm teaching. Standing in front of a class and trying to teach them is really draining.

Anyway, I need to do some things for my car. My registration expired and I need to renew that. I also need a safety inspection. I also should do something about my headlights. I got into an accident 5 years ago and one headlight was replaced and the other wasn't. Now they are two different colors. Maybe I should consider custom headlights. I'll probably wait until I get a new car for those. Okay, things to do....


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