26 September 2009

Fall Break Day 1

Today is the first day of my 2 week fall break.  In the past it would have gone like this: 
- the first few days I would be active, working out and doing things around the house.
- by about the 4th or 5th day I would begin to slow down, sleep later, not do quite so much, etc....
- by the 10th or 12th day I would be getting bored and boredom leads to eating and doing nothing.
- by the end of the 2 weeks I realized that I had wasted it and pretty much got nothing done.

This time it is going to be different.  I have a list of projects I want to do, some fun, some not so fun, some that are in the house, some that will take me out of the house.  I have school work to do, both for the classes I teach and the class I attend.  I have books to read, both for fun and for work. I have physical things to do and non-physical things. I'm going to make some doctor appointments and get all caught up health maintenance. I may even go to the dentist.  I hate the dentist in a completely unreasonable way but I know I have to do it.  Maybe I'll even look into Plano porcelain veneers who knows. Most important is I have a plan.

For the next two weeks I am going to be active, productive, and busy. I will not find myself spending time on the couch unless I'm reading something or working on the computer.  Also, I will be limiting my time on the computer for the next two weeks.  I'm allowed on in the morning while I drink my coffee and at the end of the day when I recap the day.  That's it. During the day the computer stays off.  I know myself too well and the computer is one of the biggest time-sucks in my life.

Not only will I be keeping busy with chores and projects and such, I plan to eat right and workout.  This actuallly goes hand in hand with the keeping busy.  As long as I'm busy I have no problem eating right.  It's when I get bored that the sugar cravings hit.  Well, not this time.  My basic plan is to work out in the mornings,  take a bike ride in the middle of the day, workout again in the evenings. The workouts in the mornings and evenings are flexible.  I may go running, swimming, do aerobics, whatever.  The bike ride in the middle of the day is kind of set, I want to get back into biking and forcing myself to do it for awhile is about the only way.  I also want to get back into running but I'm at my highest weight in years and would like to lose a few pounds before I start running.  Over the next 2 weeks I'd like to lose 5-8 lbs.  I'm fairly confident I can do it and if I do I will start running again.  I want next year to be a running/triathlon year.  Finally, the working out a lot will increase my energy.  I know that the first couple of days it's really going to make me tired, but that's okay.  Once that passes I know that I'll have a ton of energy and that's what I'm looking for.  Also, I need the workout habit.  Once the energy increases, and I lose a couple of pounds, it will be easier to get up in the morning and workout.  It will also be easier to workout when I get home from work.

I realize this post is getting very long and I need to get started on my program so I'll end here.  I'll post tonight how the day went.  

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