05 September 2009

Food Log

One of the things I know that works well for me is logging my food. The thing is I hate doing it. I will write the food down in a little book I carry with me but when it comes to actually logging it into a program I drop the ball. A lot of the reason is that I can't find a program I like. Most of the programs you have to search for the food, find it, edit amount eaten, etc, log it then go and start the whole process over. And I've found that the programs usually change pages between each step which just slows things down and takes forever. I end up losing interest. But I just found a new website that I really like the logger on. It's called FoodsDatabase. The site looks nice, I really like the design. I love the food log interface, when you do a search the item pops up in a new window, you edit the info, add it to your food log and close the screen but you are still on the search page and you can go right on with another search. Fabulous. They have an activity logger that works the same way. Love it!!! They have a whole goal setting procedure that they take you through and on the 'dashboard' of the site your daily allowances are in auto gauges. It also calculates your Weight Watcher points. This site seems to have everything I've been looking for. They have a bunch of information and articles too. I bet you could find an article on the best diet pills if you looked hard enough. So if you're like me and completely frustrated with all the junk food logging sites out there, check out FoodsDatabase, it's totally awesome!!!

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